i just need a big t shirt that says “my name is not katy/kathy/kathleen/anything but katherine” to stop people at this school from trying to give me shitty nicknames

if we were friends you’d be allowed to call me kat. if you’re not my friend, you don’t get to give me a shitty nickname. katherine isn’t even a hard name to remember.



nnew meme: surprise your friend, family, lover by sending them a gruncklestan. yo’uve been Grankle


[approaches straight couple] so which of you is the yard sard and which is the yale sale

Mods are asleep post Dr Mantis Toboggan


netflix my pizza and buy my ass





this is the closest i’ll ever have to a canon mothman dating sim

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Six Shadow Mitsuru Kirijo voice clips from here

Rest of the Shadow clips here

all i know about runescape is slayer and that one 2chan post that’s like “i   a m   a v e r a g e   a m e r i c a n   m a n   i   e n j o y   b a d   g a m e   r u n e s c a p e” but i feel like that’s all i need to know


kids these days complaining about their Animal Crossing RQ codes not working

I remember back in my day when we had to send our fossils out to get identified in the mail


do you know what my absolute favorite thing about persona 4 is?

there are a lot of things i love about persona 4, but this is my absolute favorite thing.

in the summer, during the event where dojima brings home watermelon, kanji does this thing, right? he has this one animation of him salting his watermelon before stuffing his face, and it’s the best moment in the whole game.

because atlus was too goddamn lazy to actually make a model for a salt shaker, kanji just reaches into his pocket - not even, actually, his hand just clips right through his pants - and pulls out fucking nothing. literally fucking nothing. and he makes a fist and shakes it over the watermelon, but there’s no salt shaker. he’s just pretending to salt this fucking watermelon.

then he chows down on the watermelon. except not really. he just sticks his face in it, and it clips right through the fruit.  and after he wiggles it around for a bit, when he pulls away, the watermelon slice is completely whole. he didn’t even take a single bite of that watermelon. he pretended to salt it, and then pretended to eat it.


look at this fucking idiot. i love this game.

this post is still getting notes 1 year later

this is it. this is my magnum opus